BFTA Champs & Inter-Regionals

Late Drama on Sunday saw a normally calm Nathan Reeve break into a sprint as he realised that the BFTA only had 14 team scores listed for FFTA and not the whole 15! Whose missing was the question.  Earlier in the afternoon, as the FFTA scores came in we started to get some good scores with three of our first 4 shooters posting decent scores in the thirties. After the 10th Group had completed we had 5 shooters scoring 30+ and two wth 28, surely we could not start to dream! 

Up Steps Steve Lyon with a decent 32 closely followed by Tony Yerrell with a spring gun 30 (just think what he can do next year when the Steyer is back up and running), rumors were circulating that we had missed out on third place by 6!  and the summer poaching of David Elvin was beginning to look critical – he was tempted by the SEFTA (i used to think that was South Eastern but after shooting with Colin i soon realised it was the Sweet Eating Field Target team 🙂 .  a late 33 from David Clarke pushed this difference down.  but we thought that was our fate, close but no cigar. After such a promising Saturday that saw Three fenland shooters finish in the top 10, two that would go head to head with the ultimate winner Mark Basset after all three finished on 38/40.  Two of those 38’s for Mark and Phil Hollis were from the first squad out, the last belonging to Jacob Kay was from squad 8.  Could the memories of a disappointing Broadlands winter shoot be spurring the young man on or was it shooting with Mr Field Target Roger Moy that was making the difference.  I am sure the elder one of the two will tell you one thing the other something else, anyway after Saturday, things were looking up.  

Results were in and tallied BUT LATE Drama, FFTA only had 14 results recorded.  Who’s was missing? Where was the results sheet where we were recording our scores!  Oh My it was Simon Martins score missing – it was a fantastic 36/40 – we needed the score card.  Who has Simins contact number ? Who was he shooting with were now the questions being asked as FFTA members ran to their phones – surely we would not miss out as a score card was missing.  Relief it has been found and the points are-tallied.  

First WAFTA = 278

Second SEFTA = 271 and a very close third ahead of MFTA, CSFTA, NEFTA and SWEFTA were the very proud (just look at the smile on Roger Moy’s face) with a 268 were the FFTA.  David Clarke couldn’t believe the result so had dressed for a quick get away as a runner just in case another mistake was made but it wasn’t and it’s now official.  FFTA was third.  Team scores are in the link below along with the photos.  

And to think, there was me thinking that if I can make the team another year, go for an early slot to be home at a better time. However to miss that excitement and the realisation we were seeing something unexpected you have to have been there.  Roger’s face went from anger (ok so maybe strong disappointment when a card was missing) to the deepest Joy when it was found to the proudest beam when we collected the medals.  Phil Hollis you are an inspirational leader , thank you for organising and letting me be apart of it. My shooting on Sunday wasn’t up there with you guys but it’s a team game.  Well done team FFTA and get yourselves (everyone at Sywell, Midshires, Hereward, Cromer, Lea Valley, Colne Valley and Broadlands) to those winter shoots.  You could be the difference that gives us silver next year.