BFTA 2021 Dates:

10th July           BFTA Championships   EMLEY MOOR

11th July           BFTA Inters                   EMLEY MOOR

4th September   BFTA Masters               Blackbrook

5th September  BFTA Showdown           Blackbrook

EFTA 2021 Dates:

31st July         EFTA English Open Day1      Blackbrook

1st August      EFTA English Open Day2      Blackbrook


Dear all,

Please find attached information about entry to the EFTA English Open 2021

Saturday 31st July and Sunday 1st August 2021

Venue is Blackbrook Country Sports

I think I have covered all details in the document. If there are any questions then please add to this thread and I will respond.

Rules of entry EFTA


BFTA UK Club Finder

BFTA  Competition Rules 2021

BFTA Technical Skills Manual