Winter League Constitution & Rules ( 2018 – 2019 Series )

The objective of the WINTER LEAGUE is to provide a series of shoots outside the National Calendar. Thus the newer member may obtain a flavour of Competition whilst improving his/her shooting. The seasoned shooter can practice and maintain his/her skills. Prospective course builders will be able to demonstrate and refine their ability. The series will be conducted professionally and fairly, with a clear structure, but above all in a friendly atmosphere….

The WINTER LEAGUE series shall normally consist of each FENLAND club hosting a round at their home ground (this must remain flexible to allow for clubs joining or leaving the Region), if through any reason the home ground is unavailable the club may elect to use a neutral site, this will be discussed, and may be voted on at committee. Currently there are 7 (seven) clubs Affiliated to the FFTA — Broadlands, Colne Valley, Cromer, Hereward, Lea Valley, Midshires, and Sywell.

The WINTER LEAGUE results may be used by the Competition Secretary when selecting the team to represent Fenlands Region in the BFTA INTER-REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS

At the conclusion of the WINTER LEAGUE series ‘The FFTA CHAMPIONSHIPS’ with awards (ungraded) to 10th place (plus Top Open class) will take place, the shoot will also be used to conduct any shoot-offs required from the WINTER LEAGUE. The shoot will be followed by the Prize Giving Ceremony for presentation of the WINTER LEAGUE trophies.

The B.F.T.A. competition and shoot safety rules will apply throughout the series of shoots. At the start of each shoot the ‘abbreviated Fenland shooting brief’ or a ‘club specific brief’ will be read out, a full written copy will be made available at ‘stats’, by ‘signing in’ the shooter is confirming they have read, understand and accept the various rules.

The FENLANDS Competition Secretary and/or The Winter League Secretary will be responsible for the administration of the series including:- the collation of scores, forwarding scores for uploading to website as soon as possible after each shoot and also dealing with any disputes.

Cost of entry will be presented at the AGM each year (already voted at the previous committee meeting) entry fees will be set to cover the running costs involved in the series, including the prize shoot, purchase of all trophies etc and still enable the Region gain financially. £5 entry for the Main or first time round event and £5 for the re-entry events (spring and/or open) both prices to include a raffle. Awards to be five of £10 in the Main and three of £10 in the Re-Entry, fixed for the season.

The Region will supply scorecards, score sheets and a grading list. MAIN or BFTA grade cards will be White, SPRING grade cards Green and OPEN Class cards Pink together with the same coloured score sheets.

Shooters grades for the Winter League will be calculated internally by the FFTA, with no reference to the shooters BFTA Grade so as to give a true representation of each shooter’s ability within the Fenlands Region.

Grades will be calculated each season, following the shooter’s first three Main Entry (white card) scores.

As shown on the attached sheet. And will apply to the main round only the spring round will be ungraded.

Shooters may elect to shoot in a higher grade; this must be done by advising the Winter League secretary by Email prior to their fourth shoot.

‘OPEN Class’ is according to BFTA Open Class Shoot Rules 2018

 ‘SPRING GUN’ is defined as follows…

Any piston powered gun, including semi-recoilless, Whiscombe, Theoben etc.

Single or Multi pump pneumatic rifles are NOT classed as piston powered or Spring Guns.

The host club at each round will set out the main course, set out a practice area, provide marshalling, enforce safety, collect fees, ensure score cards are correctly and legibly filled in, collect score cards and complete the score sheets. A Competitor must not score his or her own card and each member of that squad must sign all cards. Cards and result sheets to be passed to the Winter League Secretary or his representative as soon as possible after the shoot, cards not handed in by the end of the shoot on the day will be deemed void. All monies to be passed over to the FFTA Treasurer, or the Treasurers Representative.

No shooting on the main course until l0:00am The ‘Practise Range’ will close at the start of the Briefing and will not re-open until 11.30hrs. Any person not on site when the briefing starts may shoot the morning round, but may not submit his/her card from the morning round for scoring. The exception to this will be when a shooter is unavoidable detained on the journey to the event and phones ahead to advise stats, afternoon rounds will score as normal. All targets will be shot at in numerical order, if a target is shot at out of order B.F.T.A. rules apply. For a shooter’s score to be recorded and count in the competition they must be a bonafide member of an FFTA club.

Courses to be shot through with paired shooters only, in the exceptional circumstance of a group of 3 shooters, the first shooter having shot at his/her targets will immediately move on to the next lane so that no delay is incurred. 1 gun may be shared between a maximum of 2 shooters, provided no delay is incurred.

A shot gun start will be employed (lanes will be allocated when signing in) and any shooter taking part in the re-entry round must give way to a shooter in the main, and let them shoot through.

Any disputes   1) refer to the rules   2) contact the appointed Chief Marshal  3) contact the Winter League Secretary (not whilst they are shooting)  4) contact a FENLAND COMMITTEE member.

At the end of the Winter League Series the following awards shall be presented..

For calculations all scores will be converted into percentages (with the exception of the team event)

Individual trophies will be presented 1st to 3rd  place in ‘AA’ ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘C’ & ‘S’ grade in the Main.

Spring gun re-entry rounds 1st to 8th  and in the  OPEN Class places 1st to 3rd.  Best 5 scores to count.

                The Champion of Champions will be the shooter with the best 5 aggregate scores from his/her main and re-entry rounds (“pneumatic’ the first time round and a “spring” for the re-entry). Awards will be presented 1st to 3rd place, with the overall winner retaining the MICHAEL TAWN trophy for one year.

                A trophy will also be presented to the shooter with the highest number of actual targets scored from their best 5 rounds in the main course.

                The FFTA Winter League Shield will be presented to the overall winning club. The best 4 ( MAIN – BFTA Grade white card ) scores from each club on the day count towards the team event, all rounds are included. The top team score will receive points equivalent to the number of clubs in the region, then dropping one point per position, with zero points for any team that does not turn up.

                There will be individual awards for each member of the overall winning team.


An absolute minimum of 3 scores must be submitted by an individual shooter to be eligible for any award.

Shoot-offs if require will normally be conducted over a 3-lane representative Field Target course. 1 lane freestyle, 1 lane kneeling and 1 lane standing. If scores are still drawn after shooting these 3 lanes the targets will continue to be shot in sequence with sudden death after each lane is completed. In the event of a tie in the club/team result, the contesting clubs will each need to nominate a team of 4 shooters to take part in the shoot off. Variation to the above ‘shoot off’ rules may be allowed if all parties concerned are in full agreement.

Canceling a shoot partway through for whatever reason will render all scores that day void, and the course will need to be shot again, preferably at the same ground at a date to be decided by committee.

The Spring gun round is re-entry, if the shooters only gun is a spring gun, the first time round will be deemed to be their entry for the main, and scored on a white score card should they wish to enter in the spring gun re-entry they will need to shoot round again, using a green score card.


It is expected that your first time round will be your MAIN score (using either a PCP or Springer) and submitted on a White Score card. You can then shoot round a second time round with a Spring Rifle (Green card) or Open class (Pink card).

The host club may organize side shoots as long as there is no delay to the main and re-entry rounds, all proceeds going to the host club.

Course layout…

Each Winter League course shall consist of 30 targets, normal hit zones to be 40 or 45mm diameter,

20% (= 6 six targets) of the course to be reducers (4 with 25mm hit zones and 2 with 15mm hit zones)

20% (= 6 six targets) of the course to be Positional Shots (2 lanes standing plus 1 lane kneeling preferable ).

All targets to be clearly numbered at both the target position and lane end; all positional shots to be clearly indicated at the lane end (and also near the target if desired).

1)        Courses should be constructed with an overall average of 42 to 45yard target distance (totals within 1260 yards to 1350 yards) the actual distance of a reducer should be multiplied by 1.5 for calculations.

2)                It is unwise to have a long lane immediately following a positional lane, as undue queues are likely to form at the long lane!

BFTA Shoot Rules state…

No target may be set nearer than 10 yards.

25mm reducers may not be set beyond 35 yards.     ( reducers may not be set as positional shots )

15mm reducers may not be set beyond 25 yards.     ( reducers may not be set as positional shots )

Positional shots may not be set beyond 45 yards.

No target may be set further than 55 yards.

FFTA recommendations…

Total distance of targets in a Standing Lane to be a maximum of 60 (sixty) yards.

Total distance of targets in a Kneeling Lane to be a maximum of 70 (seventy) yards.

Total distance of targets in a Freestyle Lane to be a maximum of 90 (ninety) yards.

Unless otherwise stated the penalty for infringing or disregarding safety rules and/or competition rules is……

A verbal warning, a written warning, disqualification from the course, a number of targets or a complete score being voided or any other action deemed suitable using the existing FENLAND and/or BFTA disciplinary codes.

All the ( MAIN – BFTA Grade white card ) scores during the 2018- 2019 season will be presented to the BFTA Grading Secretary to enable as many FFTA shooters as possible obtain a realistic National Grade.


Please note changes from 1999/2000

1st team place = 8 points down to 1 point for 8th place)

(Reducers to be multiplied by 1.5 times for calculations)

Please note changes from 2001/2002

(1st team place = 9 points down to 1 point for 8th place) (Reducers not beyond 35yds. Best 6 entries to count)

Please note changes from 2002/2003

1st team place = 8 points down to 1 point for 8th place). (Individual inserted before Trophies). Indication of reducers removed.


As from 1 October 2003.

Amended version written October 2004

This version amended September 2005. Inclusion of FFTA shoot brief. Yard average increased to 39yds. Inclusion of “AA” grade for open and spring rounds. 1st team place = 9 points down to 1 point for 9th place.

As from September 2006.

This version amended September 2006. To include verbal and written Shoot Briefs, average yardage 42yds.

1st team place 8 points (eight rounds only), clarification of penalties.

As from September 2007.

Amendment.. To show ten clubs in Region – eight rounds – AGM and Championships at other two clubs.

Amendment.. Prize Shoot corrected to FFTA CHAMPIONSHIPS and PRIZEGIVING.

Amendment.. Duplicated grades / prizes list deleted.

Amendment.. Course average to be between 42 yards and 45 yards.

Amendment.. Team scores will be first place 10 points, down to 1 point for last place.

Trial.. Rules for ‘SPORTING’ grade added.

Addition.. Scores being submitted for national grading.

Addition.. Short note on BFTA Rules re: target distances, hit zone size and positional shots.

Trial.. Lane allocation system.

Amendment.. Costs agreed and voted in at the meeting previous to the AGM.

Removal..  Lane total maximum removed (80 yards) to allow for a target average of 42 to 45 yards.

As from September 2008.

Amendment.. Closure of Practise Range at start of briefing until 11.30am

Amendment.. Late for briefing, morning score will not count. 

As from October 2009

Amendment..  9 clubs in the Region therefore 7 Rounds only (best six to count for individual placings)

Amendment..  9 teams mean 9 points for winning team down to 1 point for last place.

  1. As from September 2010

Amendment.. 8 clubs in the Region – 8 round of the W/L will take place (best six scores to count towards individual placings)

Amendment.. 8 teams mean 8 points for winning team down to 1 point for last place.

As from October 2010 (FFTA AGM Ruling) all guns will be carried ‘muzzle vertically downwards’ unless cased.

As from October 2011

Major update from 2010 – 2011, review of grammar and spelling, new BFTA rules, one less club in the Region etc.

** Up for review during the season.

As from October 2012

Review of grammar and spelling, new BFTA rules, 7 rounds only, best 5 to count, 20% positionals.

As from October 2013

All references to the Sporting Grade to be removed, to be replaced with the BFTA Open Class.

As from October 2014

Now 8 clubs in the Region. Only 7 rounds to be shot MK are unable to host a round.

As from October 2015

Now 7 clubs in the Region. Minimum distance 10 yards.

As from October 2016

FFTA internal grading system implemented.

Main, Spring and Open – carding system explained.

BFTA Registration Cards explained.

Grammar and spelling reviewed

As from October 2017

Dates changed to reflect 2017 -18 series.

As from October 2018

the need for a BFTA card removed for FFTA regional shoots only.

Spring round now ungraded and trophies 1 to 8th

Golden bunny removed.

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